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With the warmer months upon us, exterior renovations are a top-of-mind for homeowners.

No matter how big or small your exterior renovation is, with a bit of creativity and the help of the professionals at Royal Home Improvements, there’s no need to travel to the great outdoors when it can be found as close as your own backyard.

The outdoor space of your home can be your retreat during the warmer months, which makes it one of the most important focuses of your home. Not only can your outdoor space be your retreat but it’s also the only thing people see as they walk by, it’s where you can host your summer barbeques, and it can be a truly functional space for you and your friends and family to enjoy.

Whether your looking for a bit more curb appeal, a little more square footage in the sun or have some necessary repairs to your façade or structure that must be attended to, right now is the time to complete your exterior renovation.

All it takes is a little creativity. Do you want an urban but homey feel, or a zen, clean look? It is the same items that make for great rooms inside – the proper structuring, cozy furniture, romantic lighting and creative accessories – that can bring so much character to your outdoor space. Here are some tips to create beautiful rooms beyond your back door:

Living & Lounging:

Bringing the comforts of the indoors to the outdoors is the trend for exterior renovations this year. You can do this with either a complete exterior renovation or by adding a few new pieces to your existing space. For those who are wanting to bring the indoors to the outdoors and enjoy some serious lounge time in their outdoor space, here are our ideas:

  1. Have wooden benches directly into fences to add seating space.
  2. Have a fire pit built or installed where people can sit around and enjoy its ambiance.
  3. Have a water fountain added to the space.
  4. Work with one of our designers to pick the perfect outdoor lounge furniture that you can relax and enjoy some down time in.
  5. Have exterior lighting installed so you can enjoy your space even at night.

Make Room For Outdoor Dining:

There’s nothing better on a summer night than going outside to enjoy your meal. Making room in your outdoor space where you can dine with friends a family is a great way truly enjoy the outdoors and your home. To do this we recommend updating your patio so that there is a clean and level place where you can put outdoor dining furniture. If you want to go beyond this, having your gardens landscaped, adding lighting, or adding an outdoor bar/cooking areas are the perfect ways to have the makings of a great dinner out.

Create Your Retreat

Your backyard has the ability to be your retreat. Creating a retreat right in your backyard is simple: add a gazebo and decorate with a variety of hanging baskets, outfit your sanctuary with drapery panels and wile away the hours in the breeze, or define the space with a few sculptural evergreens.

Regardless of preference for a lounge, dining room, or private sanctuary, the effort you make this season is going to be an instant, stress-free home addition. Royal Home Improvements has been successfully completing exterior renovations for over 40 years. We offer almost every service imaginable when it comes to the outside of your home, from patios and decks to roofs and everything in between.

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