Your Exterior Renovation: 5 Backyard Inspirations

At Royal Home Improvements, we love the spring and summer time! It’s the time to get outdoors, make our homes look their absolute best, and complete some seriously great home improvement projects. With the warmer weather now officially here and summer right around the corner, many homeowners want to make their exterior space beautiful and functional.

Our team has been completing interior and exterior home renovations for over 40 years. In this time we have had the opportunity to complete some truly breathtaking spaces with our clients.

If you’re thinking about completing an exterior renovation project this spring or summer, our team would love to work with you! From landscaping, to roofing, to revamping patios, and beyond, we have the tools needed to make your outdoor space functional, beautiful, and a space where you want to enjoy all of your time!

To give you an idea of the types of projects we have successfully completed for our clients, here are a couple of our favourite exterior renovation projects:

1. Beautiful lounge space created in a Mississauga backyard complete with exterior fireplace, creative accessories, exquisite landscaping, and professional stone, and patio work.


2. Who wouldn’t want to spend their time in this backyard? Our team and client were able to successfully create a true oasis outside their home’s door. This was a complete redesign project however the exterior was completed with fresh landscaping, stone facing, and the help of our amazing design team!


3. This home is a perfect example of a complete exterior renovation. This project was completed with landscaping, roofing, interlock, stone facing, new windows, and lighting. What a beautiful exterior!

4. For this client, we were able to complete their exterior renovation by building a new pool shed, redoing the stone facing, and redesigning their gardens and landscaping. The end result? A magnificent backyard to enjoy with friends and family!

5. This home’s exterior was completely revamped with a new driveway, stone facing, and a bit of landscaping!

At Royal Home Improvements, making your home beautiful is our passion. We will work with you to help design and create a space that is on time and on budget. If you’re thinking about transforming your home’s exterior into a beautiful space please contact us at or (416) 236-4400.

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