5 Tips To Create A Luxurious Bathroom

Marble Bathroom RenovationWhen it comes to bathroom renovations, it’s important that you get it done right the first time. Without a skilled contractor, bathrooms can be tricky spaces to renovate with lots of room for things to go wrong. Between light fixtures, plumbing, installing new showers, tubs, sinks, or electrical, it’s important that you’re working with someone you trust.

This being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning the renovation and thinking about the pieces you’d like to incorporate into the design.

Whether you’re designing your bathroom renovation yourself or with one of our amazing interior designers, here are a few bathroom style tips to keep in mind:

1.     Sit in the bathtub before buying it: When it comes to choosing your bathtub, choose a size that is right for you. Usually, a 60-inch tub suits most people but to make sure sit in it before you purchase it. You want to make sure that you won’t float when the tub is full, the angled back is comfortable, and there is neck support.

2.     Choose long-lasting flooring: When choosing your flooring for your bathroom you want to ensure that it is water resistant/tolerant. Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are great flooring choices that are water-resistant and long-lasting. They also come in very stylish designs to compliment the rest of the space.

3.     Choose stylish fixtures: When deciding what kinds of fixtures to use, choose ones that will make your bathroom stand out. For example, choosing a bigger stylish mirror can make the space beautiful and appear larger or, choosing elegant lighting can make the room more attractive and brighter. Perhaps a fresh look on the walls in paint, wall paper or design

4.      Buy a good toilet: Splurging on a fancy toilet isn’t necessary however; there are many quality and affordable choices available without having to cheap out. Consider buying a toilet that has a dual flush, slow close lids, or high boys (taller options).

 5.     Create a designated shower area: Creating a designated shower area can bring luxury into your bathroom without taking up extra space. Installing an open-concept shower is less confining and can take up less space that a traditional shower stall. With the right drainage, a ceiling-mounted rain showerhead, and no curtain/door, you can create a stunning shower area. However, if you do have lots of space to work with you can also create a luxurious shower area with a dressing room, extra fixtures (i.e., shower heads), or seating.

Whether you’re looking to renovate, remodel or freshen up your bathroom we have the right team to handle your project from concept to completion. We bring together the necessary expertise in every aspect of bathroom renovations and have our project managers oversee the complete project to ensure things are done right, the first time.

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