Looking for The Best Exterior Designer in Toronto?

The definition of best exterior designer or exterior design consultant in Toronto is claimed by many, while at the same time it’s too vague to have one simple answer for, making the title exterior house design consultant a complicated one.

One designer specializes in a certain style even home’s exterior, another is good at landscaping design and a third will make your house look like a palace but may turn out to be too expensive.

We at Royal Home Improvements tend to think that the best home designer is in fact the homeowner.

You are the one who will have the ultimate say on how your home is going to look. The rest of us; designers, home improvers, builders and painters are only there to give you advice and provide you with design options to choose from.

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Exterior Design Ideas from Toronto’s Exterior Design Experts

As home improvement specialists, we have abundant experience in exterior design, as well as everything necessary to implement the project, putting it to life.

Moreover, unlike a designer, we can plan and execute complex projects, such as window frame replacement, porch stair and tile building and more.

When you are planning your exterior design project, the best thing to do is decide on what you wish to achieve and what is your financial limit for the project. Let’s take the budget as a reference point and see what can be done, starting from the cheapest design upgrades and moving on to more complex improvements.

Exterior Design On a Budget? Paint It!

If you have a modest budget and wish to achieve a pleasing effect, the thing to go for is paint. Older homes have older looks, which is easy to fix with a fresh coat of paint. If you wish to get a modern look, take some time to research recent color trends for house exteriors. There will definitely be one in there that will catch your eye. Go for it.

Moving on to the Framework

Windows, doors and porches. You can apply the same principle to them as you did with exterior walls, and refresh them with new paint, but there is more you can do with them too. Replacing wood porch rails and window frames with modern looking ones, made of other materials, may give your home a fresher look and increased durability. As we all know, wood warps and causes paint to crack. The alternatives may save you from that and last longer.

The Power of Landscaping

Many people don’t realize how much the front yard affects the look of a house. Replacing the old, overgrown garden with modern, sprinkler-watered landscaping can turn a dull home into one with eye-catching curb appeal. Adding decorative statuary is also an option, depending on your taste, and will not cost nearly as much as you might think.

Exterior Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in how the place looks. Adding pot lights in the walkway and in other strategic spots, including highlights in the garden, can enliven the place a great deal.

If you are itching to start and/or wish to get more ideas and advice from your Toronto exterior design professionals for a exterior design consultation for design guidance and design services, call Royal Home Improvement now. We are here for you!

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