Top Three Kitchen Renovation Mistakes

kitchen renovationYou may look at an old kitchen and think its no problem renovating it. So you go about it. The tear out looked easy, but it becomes difficult. When it comes time to rebuild, the stumbling blocks became almost monumental. Key mistakes makes even minor tasks turning into a major difficulties.

1.  Lack of Planning

A lack of planning is a top mistake made. When it comes time to tear out the old, plumbing and electrical fixtures have to be disconnected first. If it’s an old house, it may have just one whole-house water shutoff. Electrically, it may have just one breaker for half the house. You have to plan for this, and take the correct course of action, such as installing more shutoffs, even before the tear out begins.

2.  Unforeseen Difficulties

Many problems pop up as the work is progressing. For example, a hidden wasp’s nest may be encountered during the tear out. Pipes may have asbestos insulation, requiring a HAZMAT crew to tear them out. The mistake of not expecting the unexpected leads to time delays and the project going over budget.

3.  Shoddy Workmanship

Another key mistake is to trust a “hack” to perform quality craftsmanship. Shoddy workmanship leads to call backs (if they ever come back) and lawsuits. Plumbing connections may drip, cabinets may be out of square, and tiles may fall off in a month after the “craftsmen” leave. Not investigating the building contractor thoroughly before the job begins leads to trouble.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you do a kitchen renovation job, it starts on a blank pieced of paper even before the job begins. You have to account for even the small details, such as walls being slightly out of square. If you decide to do it just as it goes along, it will lead to nothing but troubles and headaches.

Always trust the professionals when it comes to your kitchen renovation.

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