Top Off Your Backyard Renovation With The Right Furniture & Accessories

qsdqwdOutdoor furniture has come a long way from the typical plastic tables, chairs, and paper plates for entertaining. If you have invested in a backyard renovation and want to show it off with the right furniture and accessories, you may be wondering which materials are the most durable and complimentary of your revamped outdoor space.

With the right outdoor furniture and accessories, you can have pieces that not only show off a great backyard renovation but also that last through the heat and rain. There are tons of great and innovative backyard furniture options on the market but you may be wondering which ones are best for your outdoor space.

At Royal Home Improvements we know how important having the right furniture and accessories is for any room in your home. If you’re looking to top off your backyard renovation or wanting to add a touch of something new, keep these specific materials in mind:

Synthetic Fibres

Ever think about all the abuse from the elements that outdoor pillows, seat cushions and umbrellas suffer? Between the sun, the rain and everything in between, fabrics made for outdoor use are designed to withstand the elements, keeping your newly designed patio fresh for all the parties to come. Synthetic fibres used in these fabrics are designed to bead water, resist stains and maintain their colour. You can also lengthen the life span of such materials by covering them when not in use and avoiding prolonged exposure.

Acrylics and Melamine

Outdoor drinkware and dinnerware made of acrylic and melamine provide much of the same great style as their glass counterparts without the breakability. A nice set of acrylic drinkware and melamine dinnerware will keep your outdoor soiree safe and fun throughout the evening.

Synthetic Rattan and Wicker

Wicker may be the traditional material for outdoor furniture, but new generation synthetic wickers and rattans is not your grandmother’s porch furniture. All-weather chairs, tables and more are woven of synthetic rattan or wicker over durable, rust-resistant frames, making them durable and easy to clean. This approach offers the flexibility to incorporate a woven look into furniture of all styles from traditional to modern and global to whimsical without sacrificing durability and longevity.

If you’re thinking about completing an exterior renovation project, our team would love to work with you! From landscaping, to roofing, to revamping patios, and beyond, we have the tools needed to make your outdoor space idyllic. In addition, our interior designers can help you pick the right style elements for your backyard space and make it a place for everyone to enjoy!

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