Tips To Make Your Backyard Renovation A Functional One

Safe Out door livingFrom swing sets and sandboxes to barbecues and badminton nets, your family’s backyard is the place to be when the warm weather hits.

With the kids almost out on summer break, you’ll be likely spending more time outside in the backyard together. Whether it’s your kids that are inspiring your backyard renovation or it just needs a little TLC, it’s important that you make it a functional and safe place for everyone to enjoy.

The exterior of your home is one of the most important parts.  It is the only thing people see as they walk by, it is what protects you and your family and it can also be used as functional space in the summer months.

Whether your looking for a bit more curb appeal, a little more square footage in the sun or have some necessary repairs to your façade or structure that must be attended to there is ways to do so while still having a very functional space.

If you’re thinking of renovating your backyard this summer to make it a fun place for you and the family to enjoy the summer months, you can make your backyard functional and safe all while catching the eyes of those walking by.

1.    Install a beautiful fence:

Installing a fence around either water features or roads is a great way to add a distinct element to your backyard renovation all well keeping your kids safe from water or road dangers. Especially around water, children are naturally curious and will be drawn to a pool or pond, so installing a fence can help you breathe an extra sigh of relief. There are various types of different fencing options for your backyard that will allow you to keep the space safe for all activities without making you feel as though you’re closed in.

2.    Think about sun exposure:

If you’re spending a lot of time in the summer outdoors you want to be sure that you’re putting swing sets, playgrounds, patios in the spots where the sun doesn’t spend the majority of the time. Or, consider having a few trees, or even some shrubs planted to provide additional shade for your little ones, especially if your yard gets sun throughout the day.

3.    Stay mobile:

Invest in a large umbrella that you can move as the sun shifts throughout the day. If your children like to bounce from spot to spot – as most do – this allows you to move the shade with them no matter where they play. This equals more time spent in the backyard!

 4.    Have a great patio constructed:

Your backyard shouldn’t only be for during the day! By having a patio built in your backyard with a barbeque, fire pit, furniture you can enjoy your outdoor space even at night. Whether it’s a meal, marshmallow party, on a relaxing night spent on the lounge furniture, your patio can be a space to use any time of day!

If you’re thinking about completing an exterior renovation project this spring or summer, our team would love to work with you! From landscaping, to roofing, to revamping patios, and beyond, we have the tools needed to make your outdoor space functional, beautiful, and a space where you want to enjoy all of your time!

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