Tips to Hire Best Condo Renovation Contractors in Toronto

         Condo Renovation Contractors Toronto

Getting your home renovated is always a good idea. It improves its market value, prevents things from deteriorating and generally makes the place look so much better.

Toronto condo renovation contractors come in so many shapes and sizes, however, that making sure you choose the right one can be tricky.

For this purpose, we’d come up with a list of criteria that should help you choose wisely.

Let’s jump right in it then!

Choosing Toronto Condo Renovation Contractors

Referrals and Recommendations

When a contractor has a solid backing by happy clients, it means huge points in their favour. The testimonials page on their website is one place to look, but when you’re talking to their representative, ask to contact a client directly. Some companies ask clients for permission to get contacted briefly by new customers and you can use that to get a better idea of how good the contractor is.

Examine their Work

Most companies doing condo renovations in Toronto will have a catalogue of their actual projects in their office and/or online. Examine it to get a good idea of their quality of work. But go beyond the image gallery. Ask for specifics on projects, “before and after” images of renovated spaces, pricing overviews and timelines. If it’s backed up by a real client, all the better.

Run over their Credentials

Toronto condo renovations professionals should hold valid licenses based on relevant training. Electrical, plumbing and other types of work require a professional to have a paper showing he’s qualified and allowed to do this work. Look for extras as well, such as recognition from large groups within the remodeling and homebuilding industry. Being an honored member of any of those is definitely a point in their favour.

Level of Professionalism

This is something you do before and during the interview. Before you even meet, see if they have a permanent mailing address, email, phone number and fax. Those will show the difference between a serious and not so serious operation. Do they have sufficient insurance coverage if things go wrong? Are they working with a permanent team of tradesmen or get employees on a per-contract basis? Having a permanent team means trusted and tested personnel, and should be a priority.

Naturally there is more to it, but these are the main points and they should keep you safe in choosing a reliable Toronto Condo Renovation Contractor. Good luck!

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