Tips for Finding a Good General Contractor

Home improvement projects can add value and comfort to your home. However, since these are often costly projects, it is important to ensure that you choose the right contractor for the job. Take a look at our top tips for finding a good general contractor so that you can go ahead with your home improvement projects with total peace of mind.

Tips for finding a good general contractor


Experienced contractors with years or even decades of experience in the field have expert knowledge of the specific requirements of homeowners in your local area. A varied portfolio is a good indicator of the contractor’s experience too. Another reason to choose an established contracting company is that these firms are more likely to have formed networks with well-known suppliers, which means that homeowners can benefit from discounted prices on products and services.

Mission and values

Contractors that are proud representatives of their company’s mission and vision will make every effort to deliver impeccable results and will be willing to go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations. Check the contractor’s website to learn about their ethos and philosophy.

Insurance and professional membership

Because there is a risk of things going wrong even when working with experienced professionals, always make sure that your chosen contractor has adequate liability insurance. It is also important to ensure that they are registered with the relevant national or local professional body, as these organisations require members to show a commitment to abide by the established codes of practice.

Customer service skills

The best contractors offer personalised attention and care about individual customers instead of just caring about sales. You will also want to ensure that their communication skills are top notch and that they are able to answer your questions using a clear and unambiguous language. Other things to look for include:

– Free, honest, and accurate estimates to guarantee that there will be no surprises when it comes to the final cost of a home improvement project

– A written guarantee on all work carried out

– Contractors that listen to your needs and act accordingly

– Contractors that give customers the widest possible choice by not limiting their product range to a few suppliers or brands

– Flawless customer service throughout, from the initial consultation and until a project is complete. Contractors who truly stand out from the rest will also be genuinely interested in your feedback and suggestions

What do others say?

Check out the testimonials or feedback section of a contractor’s website to make sure they have a track record of delivering what they promise. Positive online reviews and professional awards are also good indicators of a contractor’s professionalism.

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