Tips for Exterior Home Renovations

When planning your next home renovation project, there are two things to consider:

1. How much better looking the result will be, and
2. How much it might contribute to the value of your home.

In this specific article, we will be focusing on the house exterior. Our years of experience doing exterior renovations in Toronto and the GTA has taught us that you don’t really need to break your budget to add lots of value to your home while boosting its aesthetics considerably.

You really only have one chance to make a great first impression, and that starts with the exterior of your home. A nice interlock stone, or façade is a great way to add long lasting value to the home. If you’re updating on a budget you may also want to consider upgrading windows, redoing an old roof, or simply refinishing the old shutters.

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Exterior Renovation Ideas

1. Repaint and Retouch

Walls are the biggest visible part of any structure and create a strong impression. A new coat of fresh paint won’t cost much, and can do wonders at making the place look better. This also applies to the aluminum siding, doors, window panes. Just make sure you seal all small dents and cracks. This way the new paint will look better and last longer.

If you suspect your house may have lead paint on it (which is often the case in older homes), then you should avoid removing it yourself. This environmental hazard should be removed by trained Toronto exterior renovation professionals. They may also see if the paint can be sealed instead of removed, making this potentially dangerous project safer and cheaper.

2. Clean and Scrub

When you live in a place, it gets dirty so gradually that you almost never realize just how much dirt is in the walls, pavements and roof. Taking a power washer to it can remove years of accumulated residue. Finish the job by scrubbing the windows clean and your house will practically shine.

3. Groom the Landscaping

A nice set of small upgrades to the landscaping can do miracles to the home’s curb appearance. Use taller plants to hide water meters, air conditioners and anything that doesn’t look so good (like the neighbor’s unrenovated place). Prune trees and tend to the flowerbeds, and your house will look like a French Garden.

4. Create an outdoor living space

This project is a bit more expensive, but if done right, it is one of the best investments into the property’s value. If you have a deck, renew and extend it. If it’s as big as you can make it, consider an enclosure, open kitchen or fire pit upgrades. Making an outdoor cooking space can turn a dull backyard into a selling feature. There is no single exterior renovation project that can match this as a value boosting upgrade.

5. Install Accessories

This includes simple stuff like a new address plaque or cool new mailbox, and more complex things like custom lighting or an electric remote garage door. Use your imagination or ask a Toronto exterior renovation expert for advice.

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