Tips on Choosing the Right Contractor for Your Interior Renovation‏

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Our home is our biggest investment, and keeping it in good repair is essential not only for us to feel good living in it, but also to be able to keep its market value at the maximum.

After all, most Canadians will move residences at one point of their life or another. Some will seek a new home when the kids move out, or the other way around, when a new addition to the family demands a bigger space.

This is why investing in exterior and interior renovations is a smart tactic, and having an expert contractor to do the job is essential.

You want to be sure you have the right person or people on the job for a whole range of reasons, starting from price all the way to licensing and quality of work. Let’s go over them in some detail, to see just how to get the right contractor for your interior renovations project.

Define your Plan

Only when you know exactly what you need or intend to do is when you can start looking for a professional to do it. This is simply because you can get a clear estimate for a job only when the job is defined at least in general terms.

Review Company Portfolios

The internet is great for this, but asking friends is also a good idea. When you’re looking for a new kitchen, find the company with a portfolio of great kitchens they did. Apply this to every aspect of your project, and compare contractors. Every company has its own style and level of craftsmanship, which is usually immediately obvious from examining their portfolio.

Time to Talk Shop

Once you have a few options that make sense, contact them directly, explain what you need and ask for an estimate and a schedule. Both are important aspects, because we all know very well that time is money. You want a reasonable price tag but a clear timeline as well. Don’t forget to ask about licensing if the job requires plumbing and electric work.

Define the Scope of Work and Budget

Once you choose your interior renovations contractor, request an itemized estimate. There should be a clear breakdown of exactly what is included in the estimate and what the budget is for the materials that go into the project.

Good, reliable interior renovations contractors will always gladly present you with one in writing.

One thing is for sure – that’s how we do things in Royal Home Improvements.

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