Any Time Is the Right Time for Basement Renovations

The basement is often used in family films to portray a dark scary corner of the house where spooky creatures hang out and eerie noises come from at all hours. For many people, the reality isn’t far off, without the spooky creatures of course. Basements are mostly used as dumping grounds for old exercise equipment, luggage and anything that doesn’t fit in the closet upstairs. This is mainly because people see the renovation of their basement as a chore, but knowing when it’s time to renovate could save you a small fortune.

More Space

We live in a world where the need for living space is increasing but wages and jobs aren’t providing the financial resources to allow families to move into larger, more spacious homes. A basement renovation offers a fantastic opportunity to increase the space available to your family, and as most of the pipes and drains come into your house from underneath, it’s a cheap way to create an extra bedroom or living space. However, be careful of the following possible unforeseen costs:
• Extra headroom – most basements aren’t deep enough to comply with modern building regulations, so you may find yourself having to dig out the floor first in order to add the extra feet needed.
• Diverting drains and pipes – you’ll need to find out exactly where all the drains and pipes are underneath your home before you start to renovate because redirecting them, especially the main waste pipe, can be an expensive process.
• Installing additional windows – while it’s tempting to create a closed off cozy space under your home, you’ll need windows to act as ventilation to allow the flow of air through the space. This can be expensive if you don’t plan their placement correctly.

Damp Problems

A main reason to undertake a basement renovation is problems with damp and mold. Unless you’re on a large slope, your basement will most likely be fully underground, making it susceptible to incoming water. The waterproof coursing in most basements lasts for around 10 years at its full capacity, meaning that you should renovate the space frequently to prevent damage to the foundation walls.

Minimizing Heating Expenses

It could be time to renovate your basement if you’re finding your heating bills are rising rapidly. An unsound basement can lose a lot of heat very quickly, requiring you to pay more to heat a space that is rarely used. Turning it into a more practical space not only allows you to justify heating the rooms, but also gives you the opportunity to rethink the heating system for your entire house.

Basement Renovations can be costly projects, but they will bring many positive changes to your home and should be undertaken in a timely manner to avoid them becoming even more expensive.

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