Requirements For Condo Renovations You Must Know

condo renovation

Unlike a house, which is essentially your private property, condo owners are under much more regulation when it comes to renovating the unit.

Since Toronto is the Canadian capital of condo living, and their number is always on the rise, we decided to answer an important question.

What are the rules you need to follow when you’re planning your condo renovation project?

Keep the Corporation Informed

You may not need a building permit for most work you’d plan inside your unit, but securing the approval and cooperation of the condo board is almost always needed. It will save inconvenient questions, surprises and obstructions. Besides, you will need their help in putting notices out for other residents, getting the freight elevator without trouble or delays, and other little things you will wish to get out of the way with ease. This bit also covers finding out what you’ll need to deposit for insurance, permitted working hours in the condo, noise restrictions, and more.

Are All Your Condo Renovation Ideas Possible?

This rule stems from the latter but deserves its separate place. Some condo corporations ban certain types of changes to be made to the condo units. This touches mostly on the balcony and hallway doors, but not only. Some condos can’t be renovated in certain parts of the unit due to potential damage, or other considerations. This especially pertains to changes that have to do with plumbing and electrical systems, because they affect other units in the building. And even if the plumbing work you have planned is allowed, the corporation may need to stop the water for a period of time for safety considerations. Find this out out in advance – this is not something you want to bump into when the renovation crew is already on site.

Material Delivery and Disposal

Large renovation projects entail the delivery of so and so amount of materials and removal of so and so amounts of waste. Planning this out in advance will save you lots of hassle down the road. Figure out how you’ll be getting the stuff in, where you’re going to be storing it and how you’re going to get rid of the waste, on a daily basis. Hallways may need to be protected by nylon sheets and a bin may need to be placed downstairs.

Hope this helps! Do you have more questions about renovating a condo rules? Are you planning your own renovation, fishing for best condo upgrades?

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