How to Make Cottage Renovations Painless

Cottages and lakeside cabins are quite popular, but they are another residence to maintain. At some point in owning a cottage, you’ll likely feel the need to renovate. After all, a significant part of the summer might be spent at this location and it makes sense to make this home away from home as comfortable as possible. Here are some ideas that can make renovating your cottage a pleasant experience.

Know your Limits
This is worth stating early on. Take a few moments to decide what you think needs to be done, then a few more minutes determining if you can do the work yourself. Simple things like changing fixtures, painting, or even adding floorboards might be within your expertise, but things like building a professional looking deck may not be. Know what you can do and know when it’s time to call in an expert to do the work for you. Doing everything yourself might seem cost effective, but not if the work is done inadequately and requires being re done.

Small Space, Space Savers
Typically space is a premium in a cottage. When looking to renovate, look for places where space could be better utilized. In the kitchen consider things like two legged tables that can be folded down against the wall or turning windows into seating for a breakfast nook. Compact appliances (stove, microwave, oven and fridge) can be installed to conserve space in the kitchen as well. Add bunk beds in bedrooms or consider turning the attic into a loft to allow for more sleeping space. Stacking a dryer and washing machine can save some room where you do laundry.

Small Things that Make a Big Difference
There are few things that offer the same bang for the buck as fresh paint. Paint is an easy fix to renovate and bring new life into an old space. Other simple changes are bathroom and kitchen sink and shower fixtures. Lighting fixtures in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Consider replacing the pulls on drawers and cabinets, a very simple fix that can change the look of a kitchen. These things are all doable by even an aspiring handyman.

Larger Fixes
For the ambitious renovator, consider removing walls to open up the space, just be sure to pay attention to anything that might be load bearing and do not replace that. Opening up a space can make it appear much larger than it is. Roofing and siding are more extensive cottage renovations as well, but can improve the outside look of a cottage immensely.

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