Kitchen Renovations to Increase the Value of Your Home

Kitchen Renovations
The kitchen is called the “heart” of a home – but it could also be called the stomach. Whatever you refer to it as, kitchen makeovers can make a big difference in the look and function of your home.

However, like any renovation, planning is key to get the best value for your budget. That means working with a reputable kitchen contractor in Toronto that knows how you can best improve your kitchen space at an affordable price, while also getting the best return on your investment

Here are some kitchen remodel ideas that can make your life easier while making the space more beautiful and appealing to potential buyers:

Add new countertops. Your old counters could be looking worn out or boring, and adding new counters – and even more countertop space – can be a big plus. There are several options out there depending on your budget and taste, from granite, quartz, and even marble. Some require more maintenance than others, so do your homework.

Swap the flooring. There are so many options for flooring out there that look amazing but are a fraction of the cost of some traditional products. For example, vinyl tile/planks are available that give the look of hardwood, but are waterproof to resist the spills that will inevitably happen in the kitchen.

Build an island. A new cornerstone to any great kitchen remodel, adding an island has practical purposes. Not only will it extend the amount of counterspace you have to prepare food, you can also surround it with chairs and use it as a place to enjoy a family breakfast.

Change the cabinets. There are options when it comes to upgrading your cabinetry – you can completely remove the old cabinets and build brand new ones, only replace the doors, or you can simply have the doors refinished and repainted for a newer look. Cabinets make a big visual impact in a room, and are a popular component of kitchen renovations in Toronto.

Brighten it with light. Good lighting is important to make any space look spectacular, and the kitchen is no different. Whether you want a mini-chandelier, or track lighting, or pot lights, investing in better lighting for your kitchen can go a long way in kitchen makeovers. Not only will it bring out all the best features of your kitchen, it also serves an important function to help you see better when you’re dicing your veggies.

Improving your kitchen means improving your entire home. Some kitchen contractors in Toronto specialize in only flooring or cabinets, so choose one that has the resources or connections (subcontractors) to get it done as one project to save time and money.

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