Tips and Ideas on How to Refresh or Remodel Your Bathroom

Toronto Bathroom Remodeling

The bathrooms is one of the most important rooms in the house. That’s where we start the day, and that’s where we finish the day, washing away the stress when we come back home at night.

We all like a bathroom that feels comfortable, helps us relax, and generally acts as our own private SPA. Sounds like a dream?

What if we told you that this dream can become a reality?

With just a few simple improvements and creative thinking, you can turn your bathroom into a personal relaxing paradise. Here are some key elements to focus on as you plan your Toronto bathroom remodeling project.


Many Toronto homes have outdated, bland tiles on walls and floors both. 4 by 4 wall tiles are a thing of the past when it comes to Toronto bathroom remodeling trends – replace them with cool, asymmetrical 8 by 13 ceramics and see an amazing difference. Using tiles of interchanging color instead of uniform patterns is much recommended. Floor tiles can also enjoy a new twist – quite literally: diagonally set tiles are gaining popularity because of their ability to visually enlarge a smaller bathroom. Browns and soft off-whites are recommended for a cozy feel and look.

Heated Floors

While we’re talking about floors, let us tell you of a new amazing heating system. You know, no matter how much heat you drive into the air, the bathroom floor is going to stay cold and clammy. Not with this upgrade. Keep your floors nice and warm when you take a shower or prepare for the workday.

Vanity and Cabinets

Storage space can be a real challenge, especially in smaller bathrooms, but today’s carpentry is capable of maximising usable cabinet space while keeping it stunningly elegant. With a fabulous vanity, sporting a vessel sink set in a lavish marble countertop topped with bronze faucets, you can’t help but feel pampered every time you walk in.

Cozy Lighting

To complete the SPA appearance, you need to set up an elegant lighting scheme. A very popular choice nowadays, with low upkeep and great potential for custom lighting, are pot lights. They are especially good for bathrooms, due to the fact that they are recessed and don’t risk being damaged by humidity as much as protruding light fixtures do. Add a dimmer switch and some color filters for a perfect Hotel Resort feel, and enjoy!

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