How to Lower the Cost Of Home Renovations in Toronto

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Everybody knows home renovations can raise the value of your property. What everybody also knows is that they can cost a pretty penny as well.

So how do you get the new refreshing look you always wanted, without breaking your piggy bank?

Your Toronto home improvements experts are always at your service and have a list of tips that would help you achieve your goal.

Get Professionals

This is rule number one. Unless you are a seasoned contractor with a bunch of friends who can legally work on plumbing, roofing, and do electric work, spare yourself the disaster a DIY project can entail. Even legal considerations aside, DIY projects, despite popular belief, end up costing more. As a private homeowner, you can only get the materials at retail prices. Ontario home renovation contractors get them wholesale, which is a fraction of the cost. Then there are tools which they have, and which you’ll need to either buy or rent. The list goes on and on. Kick back, open a tall can or two and let others sweat it out. It really is cheaper this way.

Alternative Materials

We live in an age of wonders. There are polymeric compounds that can look like stone tiles, substitutes for wooden window frames, amazing cabinet materials with convincing wood-like finishes, and more. Switching between a natural material to a substitute will have no significant aesthetic effect, but it can drop your renovation cost a by few thousands.

Reuse What You Can

While it is tempting to do out with the old, some things can be kept and just repaired, retouched, or even repurposed. For example, old flat-packed furniture is made of sturdy wood that can be reused to build shelving units. Old armchairs or sofas don’t have to be thrown out if they can just be reupholstered. There’s a lot we can advise you on, but you get the idea.

Avoid Moving Plumbing

This is a big one. Plumbing is expensive. The pipes themselves are no trouble, it’s getting to them which is. Ripping through hardwood floors to expose the pipes is a huge expense you’d rather not go into. Kitchen and bathroom renovations should keep the facilities – taps and drains – in the same place.

Those were just the four big things that can make your Toronto home renovations much more affordable.

Choose to work with Royal Home Improvements, one of the best renovation companies in Toronto, and we’ll make sure your renovation costs less, but looks like a million dollars!

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