Home Additions to Raise the Value of Your Property

Home additions

As a bonus to improving your family’s lifestyle, home remodelling and home additions can bring up your property’s value, so it sells much better down the road.

If you are considering what exactly to do when you renovate, here are the five main home renovations / home additions that cost relatively little, and gain you much, much more.

Focus on your Kitchen

The kitchen is the part of the house that can make or break a sale as it is a major influence on the selling price. It’s the heart of any home, and should be good looking and efficient. If you play it right, the money you put into the kitchen can be recovered 60% to 120% percent when you sell. Not bad, not bad at all.

Add a Bathroom

If you have only one bathroom, getting another is one of the best investments you can make. In our experience in Toronto home additions, adding an extra bathroom can sometimes return as much as 130% of the money you put into it. Find a room for the extra bathroom in some underutilized space (closets under stairs make for perfect 2nd bathrooms), and see the property value rise.

Re-purpose a Room

If you have a space that sees little to no use, turning it into a living space would get you most of the money back with the added value of living comfort. Finish a basement, turn an attic into an office or bedroom, be creative. An extra room goes a long way for property value.

Energy Efficiency

This is not just a trend. It is a need. Once you invest in energy efficient windows and high quality insulation, your own electricity bill will plummet and the house’s value will skyrocket. Every homeowner and home buyer in Toronto knows how valuable this is and will pay more for a property that can save them on the expensive hydro bill.

Deck it Out!

If you have a front or back yard, it will benefit a great deal from a finished deck. It will give you a place to chill on a lazy summer evening or take it a step farther by creating a sunroom for flowers or a bug-free entertainment room.

If you’re looking for more specific info about prices and other options, call us now. We’re your best choice for your next Toronto home additions and remodelling project.

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