Current Trends in Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Many families cook and have their meals there, and if the kitchen is adjacent to the living room, it is often part of the area where guests will mingle during parties.

The kitchen is also a part of the house that you wish to have in top condition. An outdated living room may be a style statement, passing off as “retro”, but an outdated kitchen will truly look a bit old and shabby. This makes the kitchen the first candidate for an upcoming home renovations project.


But of all the available styles, what do you choose?

Far be it from us to tell you what to choose, but we can gladly give you an overview of the hottest, most trendy styles in Toronto kitchen renovations for 2016.

It will still be a hard pick, but it will definitely allow you to choose from the latest, most popular trends out there!

So, to cut the intro short, here they are.

The Hottest Kitchen Renovation Trends of 2016

Pastel Paradise

This style is a neoclassical reaction to the somewhat gaudy, flashy styles that hit us in 2013-2015. This style is still based on white motifs, but the accents lean toward the more subdued hues of beige and mocha. Greens and blues are also coming back, in their pastel-y incarnations. Charcoal gray is the choice of homeowners who wish to combine this with a somewhat industrial, urban look. Exposed wood finishes in less saturated hues also look great with this color pallet. One of the main advantages of this kitchen style is the abundant soft textures masking minor imperfections a kitchen naturally acquires over time, preserving its look for far longer than a sparkling shiny kitchen with sleek surfaces would.

Back to the 80’s

This is another new style, a variation of the good old 80’s. It takes the bold colors of recent years in Toronto kitchen renovations trends, and throws them together into a wild mix. The smooth, sleek surfaces are replaced with mosaics in the same bright colors. Backsplashes are set with high-gloss mirror surfaces, in elegant and refined finish. Some owners add a few exposed wood accents here and there for a very unique mix of looks.

“New” New Age

This takes the chrome-and-stainless-steel look to a whole new level, with LED light accents and hi-tech gadgetry all over. This style of kitchen is fitted with smart-device-controlled appliances, like built in steamers, coffee makers and wine coolers, all supplied with control panels on digital screens. This kitchen is often outfitted with hidden device charging panels and other built-in tech goodies. Of course, the lights and faucets in this kitchen are motion activated, to conserve fuss and energy.

There is more, but those three are definitely the biggest, most popular kitchen renovations styles in Toronto in 2016 and in our opinion, for a few more years to come. They are just good, and while we will see variations of them, they will certainly not be replaced by anything new any time soon.

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