Contemporary Kitchen Remodelling Ideas


Kitchens are extremely fun to remodel. There is no other room in the entire house with as many possibilities for combining luxury, gadgetry and style in such a creative fashion.

If you are contemplating a kitchen renovation with a modern design, here are a few trends the industry is enjoying today and will likely take with it into 2017, and well beyond.

Gray is Back and it is the new White

Colors are fading from the definition of what’s modern, and a dignified gray look is taking their vacated place. Even homeowners who usually go for white cabinets are starting to lean towards gray in their choice for what to paint the kitchen. Grey is not as prone to look dirty as white, and does not resemble a bare plaster wall. It has depth, and combining grays of different shades, cleverly offset with black trim – will create a subtle, yet very rich effect.

The Fashion of the Function

Hardware companies designing cabinets constantly come up with new, more durable and far more efficient mechanisms you can install on, in, or onto your cabinets and drawers. Mostly, it’s hydraulic rails and hinges that pop up and fold in at the touch of a button, and the way they slide open is also a marvel – they move out and out of the way – which makes them a true asset in small kitchens. Don’t underestimate the value of customizing your drawers to fit your specific needs!

Happy Sink Colors

Color is coming back to the one place where it was never expected to pop – the sink. Well, it’s about time the dull, purely utilitarian stainless steel dishwashing basin was replaced with something happy and pleasant to the eye. Subtle hues are the main trend, but since ceramic sinks can be any color, we also anticipate new trends in this part of the kitchen renovation project, taking more to color than may be expected initially.

Size Does Matter

When most of the modern kitchen is moving towards subdued colors, the shapes and sizes are where you can make your kitchen remodeling project really shine. No, we’re not going back to the bombastic trends of the 60-s, but large light fixtures and massive bar chairs are in, and are a great way to add a presence to your kitchen design.

Substitute Materials

Yes, real marble, granite and wood will always be the most desired surface materials, but with the granite look-alike counters and amazing, so convincingly wood-looking laminate cabinetry, there is hardly a reason anymore not to save a pretty penny and go for the substitutes.

Automation Trends

Yes, it’s the 21st century and what kitchen is the same without energy saving light switches that are only on when someone’s there, sensor equipped faucets that wait for you to simply gesture for them to turn on the water, ice-cube dispensers in the fridge and meat thermometers with a phone-alert app that lets you know the roast beef’s ready. There is more, much more, but you get the picture. And the beautiful part is those things are not even that expensive anymore!

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