How to Choose a Contractor while Considering Home Additions

Home AdditionsWhen it comes to home additions, the end result will only be as good as the home addition contractor you choose. You may get a wide range of different prices and advice from various contractors, so it’s important to know how to narrow down the pool when you’re considering a house extension.

That’s why you should treat hiring a contractor like hiring an employee – run them through a series of questions to determine if they’re the right fit for the job. Of course, getting free written estimates and comparing costs for the same work is important, it also comes down to who you think you will work best with, and who will produce the best workmanship. In other words: the best price doesn’t always equal the best contractor.

Aside from price, you should also find out if the contractor is properly insured in case of a mishap during the project. Do a search online to read reviews and to get an idea of how experienced the business is.

If you find mention a local home addition contractor in the paper or online that doesn’t have a proper website or a portfolio of previous work, this can be a red flag. However, if you have neighbours or family that has used a particular contractor for room additions and they’re satisfied with the job, then you may want to consider them anyway. Otherwise, you can ask for references or find out if they’ve done any local work you can check out in person.

Competent home addition contractors should be able to assess your property relatively quickly and determine whether your request is feasible, or give you suggestions how to save money and time (such as modular room additions prefabricated off-site). It should also be able to give you a clear idea how long the job will take, and what to expect during each step. Make sure there’s a good contact person or customer service department you can consult if you have concerns during the process.

Lastly, successful home addition contractors should not seem too eager to get money up front (especially if they want to be paid in full). If you do provide a deposit, make sure you have a record of any money that you’ve given the company. They should also be able to process payments by credit card or debit as well – cash only is a sign it’s a fly-by-night contractor that doesn’t want a paper trail.

Home additions are a great answer to enhancing your home’s function without moving, but doing your homework can potentially save you thousands down the road.

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