7 Ideas To Take Your Interior Renovation To The Next Level

Untit3d 5Once an interior renovation or new build is complete, many homeowners start thinking about all the little things they could have done to take their project from great to perfect. It’s difficult to add the little things like plugs, wiring, solar tubes, and any other extras after your contractor completes your renovation.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable contractor is a great way to ensure that you’re not forgetting about the smaller details of your renovation and provide you with a creative way to incorporate them.

To ensure your interior renovation is everything you’ve been dreaming of, our team wants to give you a list of seven ideas that will make your renovation beautiful and functional.

1.    Plug placement: After a renovation many homeowners feel as though they don’t have enough plugs or the outlets aren’t in the right places. Outlets can be built into just about anywhere: inside drawers, in pantries, the ground, in cupboards (and if you’re not sure where you need plugs – we can help you out!).

2.    Full size cupboard in laundry room or kitchen pantry: Having a full sized cupboard in your laundry room or kitchen pantry is an ideal spot to store your cleaning items. As cleaning supplies are necessities in the home, it’s ideal to have a convenient place where you can tuck everything away.

3.    Central vac with vac pans: Say goodbye to your portable vacuum forever! Installing a central vac system cuts down the noise, reduces allergens, is more versatile, and adds value to your home.

 4.    Versatile drawers: Drawers that don’t function well are usually a waste of space. Planning drawers to store what you need them too (i.e., non-refrigerated items, appliances, pots and pans, clothing, shoes) will allow you to optimize your space and stay organized.

 5.    Pick your paint first: It’s always smart to pick your paint before you purchase new furniture or accessories. This allows you to go in the direction you’re envisioning successfully and guarantee that your home flows perfectly. 6.    Use natural light: Using the natural light that comes through your home by installing solar tubes or properly placing windows will make your home bright while saving you money.

 7.    Spend your time wisely: Renovations can be time consuming and it’s important to not spend all of it thinking about the faucets, towel hooks, or doorknobs. These are all important aspects, but spending time thinking about the steps needed to get to finished result is just as important and will save you time.

Need guidance for your next interior renovation? Contact our designers for their expertise and ideas!

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