5 Renovation Hacks to Transform Your Bathroom

Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in your home. You want this space to be functional, stunning, and trendy. To ensure your bathroom renovations in your Toronto home go as planned and to create the space you desire, here are five renovation hacks you may want to consider.

1. More Storage

A cluttered and messy bathroom can take away the appeal and beauty of this space. To prevent this from happening, you want ample storage throughout this room. During the bathroom remodeling in your Toronto home, consider a new vanity or a trendy stand-alone closet. These options are aesthetically appealing and help you hide those unsightly toiletries.

2. Choose Colour

While white is a very neutral colour choice, it doesn’t add much and transform your bathroom area. One bathroom improvement to consider is adding a little colour throughout the room. Paint the walls light colours such as blues, yellows, grays, and tans. You can also use towels, rugs, and artwork to add brighter pops of colour if you desire.

3. Repair or Update Shower Tile

When the tile around your shower area is broken or cracked, it can become an instant eyesore. During your bathroom renovations, talk to your Toronto contractor to replace and repair this feature. You may desire tile with a solid, neutral colour, or with lots of design and patterns if you want to create a creative focal point in the room. Plus, when the tile is broken or chipped, it can also become a safety hazard and if this issue is not taken care of right away, you become more susceptible to mold and mildew.

4. Focus on the Mirror

While a mirror is an essential bathroom item, don’t let it be boring and basic. Spice up your mirror by adding a colourful or stunning frame to place around it or choose a decorative mirror to hang on the wall. This one bathroom improvement can instantly draw the attention of all your guests and is a simple project that doesn’t require much time or money.

5. Choose Glass Shower Doors

Rather than use a curtain for your shower area, opt for a glass shower door. Installing this feature can make the space appear more open and bright. It also is a more up-to-date and trendy look for your home. You can choose glass doors in a variety of styles and frame options, making it easy to best match the rest of the décor and feel of the room.

When you are considering bathroom renovations for your Toronto home, work with an experienced contractor who can give you ideas to help transform your space and ensure the entire project is done well, giving you a bathroom area you will love.

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