5 Points to Consider for Exterior Home Renovations

Exterior Home RenovationsExterior home renovations are sometimes underrated, yet they can dramatically improve the look and value of your property. After all, the outside of your home is the first thing friends, family or even potential buyers see when they pull onto your street, so it makes sense to give your home’s exterior some TLC.

However, you only have so much money and time to go around, so consider these five tips to help you prioritize your exterior home improvement project:

Will it make a difference for the price? You could put a lot of money into repainting the entire house, but is it necessary if the original paint is still in good shape? Think about adding accents like painting the front door or the window frames. This simpler type of home exterior makeover can make a big difference in your home’s curb appeal, without a big price tag.

Will it be difficult to maintain? You may think that putting in a swimming pool in your backyard is a no-brainer for family fun, but there are many more costs beyond the initial installation. You have to worry about pool chemicals, opening/closing each season, and also the safety of your family – you might need to build a gated fence if you have younger children. The same question can be asked for elaborate landscaping with high-maintenance gardens.

Is it a safety issue? If you’re working with a smaller budget and want to make sure your money counts, consider upgrading any walkways or patios on your property. Over time, these can heave and cause tripping hazards (not to mention look unsightly). Interlocking brick and other products can improve the appearance, and when installed by experienced home remodelers, can last for years to come. Lighting is another great option to boost safety and security around your home.

Will it give you return on investment? Not every home improvement is going to potentially boost the value of your home – for example, if your building’s foundation is cracking or leaking, you should consider putting that first in your exterior home renovations plan. However, there are other things you can achieve for relatively little money – like sealing the aging driveway or improving a deck or porch – that can add instant appeal.

Does it fit your existing home, and the neighbourhood? Adding unconventional colours to your home’s exterior, for example, can really add uniqueness to your property. However, ask yourself if it fits with the plan for the entire home – and whether it will stick out like a sore thumb in the neighbourhood. Don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous, but remember you may regret painting your home bright purple down the road.

Regardless of what kind of home exterior makeover you’re looking at, make sure you call a company with a solid track record and a portfolio of past work. Exterior home renovations are a great place to start to make your entire home and surrounding property shine!

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