4 Ways to Brighten Your Kitchen

The winter months can often seem dark and gloomy. Depending on where you live, the winter cold will set in and your family will be stuck indoors for a few months. Many people have a hard time dealing with the shorter days. One way to brighten your kitchen in the winter is by brightening up your home! The kitchen is a central location for many homes. There are many ways that you can make your kitchen more colorful.

Bright Kitchen

1) Add some light to the room
Adding light to the room can really brighten up the space! Change out those old light fixtures or add a skylight if you can. Even something as simple as pulling your blinds up can let more light in. Some people choose to add spotlights in certain spots. This is a great option and helps you see what you are doing better.

2) Add some color
Painting is another simple and easy way to brighten up your kitchen. Choose bold, rich colors to add some life to the kitchen. Fresh, light colors will also liven up a kitchen. Be sure that you pick colors you like. Do not worry about whether the color is fashionable or not. You can also hang up decorations to add some color to your kitchen.

3)Add plants
Purchase a few plants that you can keep on the counter or on the floor. Plants are an easy way to make your kitchen a little less gloomy. Those long winter months can also be brightened with a vase full of daisies!

Bright Kitchen

4)Tile back-splash
A back-splash is another easy way to brighten the kitchen. There are several kinds of back-splash that come in a variety of colors. You could do all white, all teal, or mix it up with lots of colors. The possibilities are endless!

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