4 Things You Must Do For Bathroom Renovations In Toronto

bathroom renovations in Toronto
Bathroom renovations are never a bad idea, when you have the right bathroom remodeling contractors. However, you’ll still want to make sure you get the value for your dollar to maximize results from bathroom makeovers to potentially increase the value of your home.

There are many features you can upgrade in a standard bathroom (or perhaps you’re building an additional bathroom from scratch), so here are four things to focus on when you’re deciding the best plan for bathroom remodeling.

1. Increased efficiency. If you have an old toilet that uses way too much water with every flush, then you’ll want to have a low-flow or dual-flush toilet installed that can save you money in the long run (not to mention conserve water). You can even consider a hidden-tank model, which frees up more space.

2. Upgraded plumbing. Your house remodeling contractor should be well-versed in plumbing when it comes to a home improvement, or at least have a subcontractor that’s an expert in this area. When demolishing your existing bathroom to make way for the upgrade, a contractor should be able to tell if the pipes are the modern standard in diameter, as well as if they need insulation and are running along inside walls rather than outside (which can lead to freezing).

3. Better bathtub. Your bathtub might be small and outdated, and the caulking may be starting to wear and leak. However, a nice-sized bathtub is an important element of any bathroom remodeling project, especially when it comes to bathroom renovations in Toronto, where there are many older and charming homes. If you have accessibility issues, this is the time to install a convenient walk-in tub. If you never use your tub, perhaps a nice standalone enclosed glass shower might be in order.

4. Creative storage. Your medicine cabinet is important, but it can be more than just a storage solution if you think a bit outside the box. Consider adding a new cabinet with a mirror on the front, or even a model that has built-in lighting that can improve the look of the room as well as its function.

Of course, these are just four suggestions – you could also consider a double sink if you have a busy family, or a bigger vanity if you need more storage for towels and supplies. Keep in mind that if you only have one bathroom, you may have to make alternate arrangements during bathroom makeovers.

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